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Place defensive towers, summon spells, and deploy your Heroines to the battlefield and defend your land in this epic fantasy Tower Defense game. The peaceful realm of Angelore is being attacked by the Dread Overlord in his bid to kill you and take your kingdom, and your women, for himself. Become the strategic battle genius and help Artemis, Epione, Tomoe, Joan, and the other girls of your Kingdom thwart the invasion. Do you have what it takes to protect your harem of sexy warriors and have them fulfill your sexual desires?

Find out in Girls Garrison TD!




Meet the Enemies

A collection of cars we've renovated with passion


Meet Your Heroines



  • Real Time Strategy Tower Defense Action

  • 15 Explorable locations with 3 levels of difficulty to master

  • 10 Gorgeous Warriors to recruit and seduce

  • 65+ Uncensored Scenes

  • 150+ Conversations to unlock

  • Collect items and resources to upgrade your arsenal and gifts to give to your harem

  • Build towers, perform skills, cast magic, and manage your troops’ defenses


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